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At Sabay Thai Massage we offer you a unique and authentic Thai massage experience. Our goal is to offer you relaxation, well-being and time out from everyday stress.

Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced Thai masseuses who have mastered the traditional art of Thai massage. With their expertise and empathy, they customize each massage to meet your individual needs.

Treat yourself to some time out and let yourself be pampered by our Thai massage art.

Your Sabay Team

For more than 17 years the Thai massage of your confidence in Cologne

A brief history of Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage, or Nuad as it is known in Thailand, is a healing treatment that has been practiced for about 2500 years.

Despite its name, it is originally from northern India. It was developed by a physician named Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, a contemporary of Buddha and personal physician to the Magadha king Bimbisara. From there, along with Buddhism, it spread throughout Asia. At 3rd to 2nd century BC, this new form of massage then reached Thailand.

Today it is widespread throughout Thailand. It is practiced in all segments of the population and has established itself as an easy-to-use and highly effective treatment method.

In contrast to Western massages, Thai massage is not primarily focused on the physique, i.e. the anatomy, but, like acupressure and reflexology, is oriented towards the so-called energy lines and fields of the human body, comparable to the meridians in Chinese medicine.

This holistic approach sees as its central goal the integration of nature, body, mind and spirit and thus generally leads to much better results than a conventional massage.

General questions

In this FAQ we have provided a few common questions with their corresponding answers.

F a q

No, we provide all the necessary materials for the massage and you can be sure that everything is hygienically clean with us.

During the massages you will be unclothed. However, the underpants / panties remain on. Of course, you only need to undress as much as the particular application requires. The areas of the body that are not currently being massaged are covered with a blanket or cloth.

You can make an appointment or drop by spontaneously. However, we generally recommend making an appointment in advance. This can also be done at short notice.

We recommend that you do not eat anything at least one hour before the massage, as a Thai massage does not go well with a full stomach. After the massage it is recommended to drink enough water.

The effects of a Thai massage last about 3 days. We generally recommend one massage a week.

Yes, this is completely normal. Especially if you don't get regular massages or don't get much physical exertion.

If you are late for your massage appointment, then we can only massage you until the originally scheduled end of the massage if there are follow-up appointments from other clients. Your delay time is thus forfeited without compensation. This regulation is based on Section 615 of the German Civil Code (BGB).

During our Thai massages the abdomen is not massaged, therefore pregnancy does not prevent the massage. However, we basically massage only pregnant women from the 3rd month. Please always consult your doctor beforehand and inform us that you are pregnant before the massage.

As a matter of principle, we must exclude customers with acute slipped discs, spinal diseases, tumors, cancer, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, strong bleeding tendencies, respiratory diseases, vascular diseases, skin diseases, eczema and open skin areas, inflammations, athlete's foot or high-risk pregnancies. In individual cases, please consult your physician.

Yes, we have a shower. You can use these for a fee.

With us, only female masseuses give massages.

Yes, we offer EC card payment in addition to cash payment.

No. Our massages are designed for relaxation, balance and physical well-being. We do not offer erotic massages. / No Erotic Massage.

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